May 2018

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Legislation May 2018

Tetbury Theatre Group will:

  • Comply with the data protection laws of the UK.
  • Only collect personal data (name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and similar) for the purposes of the administration of the Group and its activities.
  • Only contact an individual by post, email or telephone if they have given their explicit permission for that method. An individual can withdraw that permission at any time by contacting the Group.
  • Look after the data (it is strictly confidential) and not lose it.
  • Allow an individual to see the data held about them, and the Group will correct it, if necessary, or if requested, the Group will delete the data.
  • Review data held regularly and when no longer needed for active use the Group will either delete the data or, if a record is still needed (and the individual has not requested their record to be deleted) reduce the data held to the minimum necessary information.
  • Not use the data for business purposes.
  • Not pass on the data to a third party without explicit consent to do so.
  • Destroy data carefully so it cannot be accessed in future.